places to go 11.29.10

• I enjoyed this story about appreciating what children have to offer even though they might annoy us a lot of the time: For Granted.

• From The Times of India, Indian-American Hindu group stirs a debate over yoga’s soul: I don’t know much about yoga, admittedly, but I’ve wondered about the appropriative nature and potential cultural insensitivity in the way many US-ians practice it. This article seems to do a good job of laying out one debate on the topic. — (via Racialicious)

• A rant titled Dear bigoted, privileged assholes from Jen, a self-identified “humourless, harpy feminist”—(via Womanist Musings)

• Also via Womanist Musings, this post answers the question, Why don’t women just leave abusers? [trigger warning for partner abuse and assault]

• If you missed the hubbub about’s most recent indication (unless they’ve done something worse in the last week) that they really aren’t a feminist space, the Sexual Assault and Prevention Center has a post about it here: Oh, Jezebel. I, for one, am no longer reading Jezebel, period. I should have made that call a while ago.—(via Tiger Beatdown)

• And, from Racialicious, two posts that each link two areas of culture: Overcoming the Noble Savage & the Sexy Squaw: Native Steampunk and Les Sapeurs: Gentlemen Of The Congo (on Congolese dandyism).

2 responses to “places to go 11.29.10

  1. Thank you for linking me! And for appropriately identifying the post as a rant :D



  2. Oh hi Jen! Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed your post very much.

    Also the one addressing silverfish. They’re the only creature I will kill besides mosquitoes.

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