NPR covers teen trafficking in Oakland, CA

Luke alerted me to this highly disturbing and informative piece on NPR from a few days ago: Trafficked Teen Girls Describe Life In ‘The Game’. It’s a two-part series produced by Youth Radio that details the experiences of a number of girls who have been involved in sex trafficking in Oakland, CA. The second part focuses on the ongoing efforts to arrest these girls for prostitution and includes criticism of that tactic.

For more information on domestic human trafficking and efforts to address it, particularly in Colorado, check out Prax(us), an organization that “uses a community engagement model intended to empower participants, advocate for equal rights, and address the root causes of human trafficking.” I know people who work for Prax(us) and can vouch for the important work they do, so if you’re inspired to do something and are in a good place financially, please consider contributing to their work.


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