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creative expression and balance

I’ve been gathering perspectives on creative expression for some time now, mostly unintentionally. There’s the college friend who had disdain for anyone who did not feel compelled to express themselves creatively on a regular basis. He considered creative expression the indication of an inner life and an inspired soul. Those who did not have that creative energy bursting from them, who did not have to find outlets for it, were probably not worth his time. While I have always been drawn to people who have creativity oozing from their pores, I never agreed that these are the only worthwhile people. If anything I have difficulty with those who are in a constant state of expression, since they tend (in my experience) to be somewhat oblivious to the needs of those around them. I don’t actually know anyone like this anymore, probably because our personality types just don’t mesh well and we don’t get beyond the first awkward conversation.

When the subject of creative expression comes up, I often find myself referring to an interview with Sting I heard on the radio. I can’t find it online anywhere, unfortunately, but I think it may have been a rebroadcast of an edition of Fresh Air from 1996. Anyway, a caller asks Sting when fans should expect him to release a new project, and Sting replies that he finds himself fluctuating between “input” and “output” in terms of creative process, and that he is currently in an “input” stage, so he has no way to tell when his next project will come to fruition.

This perspective appeals to me in part because it reflects the cyclical nature of humanity and of the Earth. Continue reading