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“paradise” lost

Today I learned that a “paradise” is literally an enclosure, a place of confinement. The Greek word was originally used to refer to walled game preserves in Persia.


places to go 1.16.10

Lately I’ve been exploring more blogs that focus on language. A couple of short posts I’ve particularly enjoyed:

• The virtual linguist: Man – “…in Old English there were two words for a male human being: were and wapman. Both these words became obsolete after the 13th century. The only vestige of the former in modern English is the word werewolf. Were here is a cognate of Latin vir meaning man (cf virile) and of the earlier Sanskrit vira, also meaning man.”

Spanish-English Word Connections: hippocracy (hee. Does the Evil League of Evil in Dr. Horrible count as a hippocracy?)

• I also came across a site called Save The Words. I know you all are inveteratists with a traboccant love for obsolete words, so fix yourself a prandicle and spend some time with these suffarcinated delights.