places to go 1.16.10

Lately I’ve been exploring more blogs that focus on language. A couple of short posts I’ve particularly enjoyed:

• The virtual linguist: Man – “…in Old English there were two words for a male human being: were and wapman. Both these words became obsolete after the 13th century. The only vestige of the former in modern English is the word werewolf. Were here is a cognate of Latin vir meaning man (cf virile) and of the earlier Sanskrit vira, also meaning man.”

Spanish-English Word Connections: hippocracy (hee. Does the Evil League of Evil in Dr. Horrible count as a hippocracy?)

• I also came across a site called Save The Words. I know you all are inveteratists with a traboccant love for obsolete words, so fix yourself a prandicle and spend some time with these suffarcinated delights.

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